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11-24-2016, 01:14 AM
Hello All,
I have wanted a Smokin Tex for a very long time, and I just got my 1400 today! My first major recipe I am going to make this weekend is going to be Cochinita Pibil. For those of you unfamiliar with this dish from the Yucatan Peninsula, it was mentioned several times by Johnny Depp in the movie Once Upon a Time in Mexico. This is the recipe I am going to use (at the Food Lab/Serious Eats site- a great site if you are not familiar):
The meat is wrapped in banana leaves and according to the recipe should be cooked for 250-300F for about 5 hours. Since I am new to the Smokin Tex, do you think the cooking time will be longer since the max temp is 250? How much wood should be used with the banana leaves (providing a barrier to the smoke?)? I have about 10lbs of pork shoulder in two 5lb pieces.
Thanks for your help, and Happy Thanksgiving!;)

11-24-2016, 06:33 PM
Welcome to the forum!!

This sounds interesting. How is the meat prepared once it's been prepared? Pulled? Sliced? That will give you some clues. Internal temp is the other. 180 if you're going to slice and serve, 200 internal if you're going to pull it or shred it.
I would recommend a temp probe to give you a consistent, repeatable result.

11-25-2016, 04:07 PM
It will be pulled/shredded for tacos. Thanks for the guidance! So far I have purchased apple and pecan woods. but I might use some mesquite for this since it is in a sauce and the banana leaves. Maybe a combo of woods. I will post results.

11-27-2016, 12:37 PM
OK. Done.
I left them in for 12.5 hours at 250F, and pulled them at 201F internal temp. OMG! SO good!
Here are the two packets of goodness.
Here is one after opening the banana leaves.
And with some meat pulled apart.
I used about 4 oz of wood at first- 2 oz of apple, and 2 oz of mesquite. After about three hours I added about 4 oz of pecan and let it go the rest of the way. They are very moist and tender, but not very smokey. I will definitely do this again, but there are a few things I would do differently:
1. I think with the marinade and the banana leaves, it really could have used more smoke. I think next time I will use only mesquite, and I might make a third addition of wood.
2. Next time I will be better at using the banana leaves- mine were in the freezer for a while and were kind of fragile. I will make sure they are fresher and will wrap better. It was kind of messy.
3. I would salt a bit more heavily- I'm not used to working with larger pieces of meat, and it could use a bit more salt.

All in all, a really good recipe, and delicious meat! I can't wait to make tacos out of this!

11-27-2016, 05:05 PM
Depending on how thick the banana leaf wrap is, I think you're not going to get a lot of smoke penetration regardless of how much you use. Meat only takes smoke for the first 3 hours anyway. Perhaps smoke for a few hours then go for the banana leaf wrap.

Consider most folks only use 2 - 3 ounces of wood for an entire smoke on a 9 lb pork butt.

11-27-2016, 05:07 PM
Ah. Thanks.

11-28-2016, 08:50 AM
Welcome to the family, SmokinLinda!

This recipe sounds awesome, I feel certain many here will give it a try.

Growing up in Texas, Mesquite - my opinion here - is a little on the bitter side for smoking. With pork I tend to stay with apple, cherry, pecan, maybe even hickory. Again, this is just my .02. I have used Mesquite in the past when grilling.

I also agree with the sentiment that smoke only takes in the first three hours.

You will find that the smokintex builds up a real nice seasoning on the inside, after several uses. In the future you may be able to cook your product with very little wood, if any at all. (My dogs go crazy when I open my SmokinTex, if that tells you anything about the seasoning).

Good luck to you! I cannot wait to try this recipe, and I look forward to hearing about other items you try in your 1400.

If you have any questions, we are here for you!

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12-02-2016, 06:19 PM
I don't have anything to add that hasn't already been mentioned, so I'm just here to compliment the food, and that looks great!

12-12-2016, 09:18 AM
You may want to smoke with out the banana leaves for first two or three hours to get the smoky taste--then wrap in banana leafs for the rest of the cook-sounds like a great recipe--thanks and welcome to the forum