View Full Version : My Sincerest Thanks!!!

04-05-2009, 05:38 PM
Dear Smokin' Tex Gang-
Thank you so very much. My wife gave me a 1400 for my 40th birthday-
and after following all your instructions-I cooked in it for the first
time today. Two racks of baby backs and four Jimmy Dean Sausage
rolls. Now before I received my new rig-- I had water smokers,
brinkman pits and still own a huge trailer rig which uses 1/4 split
logs(which I still love for old fashioned challenges). I am not new
to the BBQ game and consider myself to be competition worthy. This is
the first time that I could do a 'no brainer' bbq and come out shining
like gold in the end. Terrific!! Splendid!! I did such little work
and prep that yielded such amazing results the very first time. My
wife, who said she really doesn't like ribs, ate a half a rack
without blinking an eye; and I think I am gonna get a little action
tonight for cooking such a good dinner!! So Thank you -Thank You -
THANK YOU!!!! I am so glad that I did the research and found you
guys. You make a tremendous product and I cannot wait to cook some
more. I unfortunately have to go out of town, but when I get back I
am going to be a little BBQ crazy. You guys ROCK!!!!!
Adam Baral