View Full Version : No Smoke Flavor?

06-25-2009, 03:53 PM
My first try with the SmokinTex was a 8lb Brisket flat. I found a rub recipe on the internet and put nice thick coating over the entire brisket and smoked it fat side up for about 6 hours at 225. As suggested in the paper work they sent, I used 1 ounce of the hickory pellets that came free with the Fathers Day Special they were running. The brisket had a nice crust all round it (maybe a little too nice on the bottom). It was very moist and fork tender, but it had no smoke flavor to me. It tasted like something from the oven, not the smoker. What happened? Not enough wood/pellets? Did the brown sugar in the rub glaze the brisket and keep the smoke out? I have the smoker set up in the garage next to a window. I put a fan in the window to pull the smoke out of the garage; is the fan pulling the smoke out of the smoker?

I think I will double the pellets next time and see what that does. Any other suggestions?

08-30-2009, 09:05 PM
Why are you using pellets?:confused: Should be using wood chunks. Smoke that brisket flat with 2-4 oz of your favorite wood. Take the brisket up to 195*. Poke it with your therm probe. If the brisket is done, the probe should go thru with very little resistnce. Note: Don't open the door to look at your brisket, you only prolong your smoke. Let the smoker do it's job.:D