View Full Version : Smoked turkey wraps

luke clayton
07-04-2009, 07:24 AM
Luke Clayton here. I have a 'cool' idea for the summer. Recently I filleted some strips of wild turkey breast (you could use chicken breast or domestic turkey), placed them on aluminum foil with a little olive oil and smoked them with Apple wood until done. Then, I cut them into small slivers and set them aside. Next, I crumbled 3 slices of fried apple wood bacon and blended it with 2 cups of cold slaw.
Place your turkey-chicken strips on a flour tortillia, add the cold slaw with apple bacon, wrap and enjoy! Using the slaw with such a dish might sound a bit 'different' but the slaw, turkey,fried bacon,etc. go very wel together. Try it for a COOL meal during the summer!