View Full Version : venison fajitas

luke clayton
03-31-2010, 06:38 AM
I've got a killer way to make venison (or beef) fajitas and Sweet Heat Jalapeno Wine (www.sweetdreamswinery.com) is the key!
Begin by stripping the venison ham steak into fajitas strips. Marinate in a small amount of the Sweet Heat Jalapeno wine for a couple hours.
Now, pour about a quarter inch of the wine in a cast iron skillet. Add the meat strips and place on the bottom rack of your Smokin Tex and allow the meat to simmer for one hour. Use about an ounce of your favorite wood to give it a 'smoky' flavor.
After an hour, the meat will be lightly smoked and done but you're not finished yet!
Place the skillet on a burner and add onion and bell pepper (go ahead and spring for the yellow and red peppers, they add color and... flavor).
I believe you will be impressed with this 'new' and healthy way of making fajitas. Give it a try and let me know. Remember to listen to more outdoor cooking tips at www.catfishradio.com. The radio show is archived here each week. Good cooking to all of you!