View Full Version : Smokin tex at texas trophy hunters

luke clayton
08-16-2008, 12:03 PM
Luke Clayton here. I visited the Ft. Worth Texas Trophy Hunters show yesterday and managed to elbow my way up to the Smokin Tex booth! The crew had some brisket cooked and visitors were lined up, sampling. It seems once folks see the quality of these units and have the opportunity to TASTE the great smoked food they turn out, they have to have one of their own!
I harvested an "eater' wild hog this past week, boned out the meat, rubbed i with a maple flavor cure and, now have it smoking at 130 degrees. This cured/smoked pork makes a great breakfast meat. Of course, 'store bought' pork is fine to cure and smoke as well. I just like to get my pork from the wild, gives me an excuse to go hunting more often!