View Full Version : Mashed Potatoes

05-09-2011, 08:29 PM
Was doing some rib eyes using the recipe from the web site and decided to give something a try.

I spread out a cup of instant mashed potatoes onto a tray made with aluminum foil and put it in the top of the smoker (after the box had filled with smoke per the rib eye recipe) above the rack with the rib eyes and pork chops (my wife can't have beef so I do pork chops when I do steaks). Then while I was finishing the steaks and chops on the grill, the rest of the family made mashed potatoes according to the normal box instructions.

I have not gotten to do smoked mashed potatoes (or baked potatoes) yet using the more traditional method, so I can't compare them, but they came out nice and smoky and we ended up not having enough...

So if you are short on time give it a try...