View Full Version : First Time Smoker

10-13-2008, 10:50 AM
Well, I gotta admit I bought my Smoker at a garage sale for $75.00. I was scared of smoking meat and intimidated. I thought that was quite a bit of money. Ha! Ha!. The website was excellent as I had no manual and I smoked a box of ribs. They weren't even quality cuts. After my first batch my son said they were the best he ever ate and to always make them like that. My oldest son is all excited and can't wait to do a Thanksgiving turkey. The people at the company don't have to worry about losing money though because I have a list of accessories that I must have. The meat just fell off the bones and was so tender. This smoker is wonderful and so easy to use even for beginners. I expect to use this for years!

10-13-2008, 06:23 PM
WOW glad you were able to find a used smoker. Your like the rest of us now. Hooked for life.
I use mine all the time, and everything enjoys everything that comes off it. I did 38 lbs of Boston butts on it 2 weeks ago.

12-17-2008, 08:35 AM
Good find for $75, makes me wonder who could have let their smoker go. You'll never find mine for sale, I'm trying to wear it out. The wife absolutely raves about what it can do. Then again, maybe its the fact that I do the cooking ;). I guarantee the more you use it, the more you'll like it.