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Steven Par
01-23-2012, 11:42 AM
I posted this in another thread and apologize if I was hijacking that thread. I am just curious to how others smoke sausage in their Tex?

I was wondering if other folks were using the Tex to Smoke sausages. I recently just smoked some Chorizo, beef bologna and Andouille. This is a rough draft of what I do.
Grind Pork butts...add seasoning and cure...stuff into hog casings and then smoke the next day.
*I hang the sausages on wooden dowels. 15 lbs of meat at a time seems to work the best.
* heat at 130 degrees for about an hour with the door not latched closed. This is to dry out the casings before applying the smoke.
* Add wood (3 or 4 oz has worked pretty good for me) set temperature to 150 and latch door closed. Smoke for 2 hours at this temperature.
* I then bump temperature setpoint to 180 and smoke until correct internal temperature is reached for type of meat being smoked. About 2 more hours usually
* remove and shower with cold water or just submerge in cold water until sausages have cooled and then I hang on wooden dowels at room temperature for about an hour to dry out and bloom the casings.
cool...vacuum pack....freeze for later use.

Now I am curious to how other sausage makers use the Tex for making smoked sausage.

01-28-2012, 01:18 PM
I just got my smoking tex (last weekend - a used 1500!) and haven't yet used it for sausage but your basic technique is close to how I did it with my masterbuilt.

The tex doesn't have the adjustable damper so your opening the door should be good for drying, if you have a place to hang the sausages overnight while curing you could skip this step since they will dry as they cure. I'm considering the jerky dryer to be able to dry with the door closed, we get too many yellowjackets in warmer months to dry with the door open.

I think 150 is a bit high for your smoking cycle, from what I've learned when the meat gets above 140F it cannot absorb the smoke flavor due to changes in the meat proteins the temperature brings about. I usually run my smoking cycle at 130F for 2 hours monitoring the meat to keep the temp below 140F. I finish off to appropriate temp for the meat at 180F just like you.

The rapid chill below 80F is important, the blooming is nice when I have enough time but I usually just vacuum seal and freeze.

Steven Par
02-02-2012, 07:45 AM
Thanks Peter.
I Checked some of my notes and after drying for 1 hour and then smoking at 150 for 2 hours the sausage internal temps have varied from 130 to 141 with 12 to 15lbs of sausage in the smoker. I couldn't find it in my notes, but was thinking that too low of smoker temp the heating element never got hot enough to get the wood smoking. I have a 1300 ( green 1400). The 1500 may react differently. Good luck with your 1500 and let me know how things turn out for you. I will be doing some more sausage soon and will try the lower smoking temp.