View Full Version : Smoked/bbq pork neck bone

luke clayton
04-17-2012, 08:06 PM
Don't be confused by the name 'neck bone'! Actually, the neck meat around the bone includes one of the best cuts of pork: the loin!
When I first prepared this dish, I must admit, my wife had her misgivings but after she sampled the finished product, she thought I was a genius (well, almost)
Here's how to put your Smokin Tex to work on what might just be the most economicial cut of meat available! Purchase about 5 pounds of Hormel's "meaty neck bone". You'll pay much less than $2.00 per pound. Now, apply your favorite dry rub, I like Head Country Championship rub.
Put the neck bones in an aluminum pan and smoke, uncovered about 1.5 hours with your favorite wood. I use about 5 ounces of dry wild plum wood but pecan is another good choice.
Now, douce the neck bone liberally with your favorite BBQ sauce, cover the pan with aluminum foil, set the Smokin Tex thermostat at about 190 degrees and let it slow cook overnight or, 9 hours.
Allow the meat to cool, then drain the liquid and pull the meat from the bone. Apply fresh BBQ sauce and serve some of the best pulled pork you've eaten on Texas toast!