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09-14-2012, 08:49 AM
hi my name is james from the sticks of ny.im looking for a good pot roast recipe i have a 4 lb eye of the round rump :)roast.will b my first in my new smoker. please help and i will appreciate any feedback.JAMES

09-14-2012, 10:36 AM
Most folks treat rump roast like a tri-tip, cooking it to 130 internal and then slicing thin...........I have been thinking about slow smoking a rump roast to 200-205 internal to see what it will do..might be able to pull it .....

Sorry for no recipe but you could smoke it to round 160 internal and then set it in a foil pan on top of sliced taters,carrots and celery. Foil it and then put it back in the smoker........:confused:

09-15-2012, 09:41 PM
Hello James,

Welcome to the forum and congratulations on choosing your SmokinTex smoker.

Not trying to start a war here but simply showing a contrast in personal tastes. I and my family prefer slow and fully cooked meats - such as a pot roast or fall apart brisket cooked to the 'pulling stage'. A good method for cooking less tender cuts of meat is to braise. I think a pot roast is best cooked in a slow oven for several hours until the connective tissue is broken down and the braising liquid is naturally thickened somewhat in the process. The ST is a magnificent slow cooker plus it can add smoke as well.

I have not prepared a pot roast as such ( I did not add the vegetables ) but I have cooked both chuck and round roasts in the following manner. I start the roasts out on an open rack using a small amount of wood of choice. In this case a small handful of apple wood - less than 1/4 cup. Cook at ~225f for a couple of hours on an open rack. Then place the roast in an aluminum pan, add some beef broth enough to cover your veggies, cover tightly with foil and continue cooking. I suggest an hour per pound plus an hour after you smoke and cover. I like to liberally season with just salt and black pepper. A personal choice for me is that I prefer a darker sauce color. I like add to a tablespoon of soy sauce to the cooking liquid for enhanced color plus a teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce and a couple of heaping teaspoons of corn starch for a thicker sauce.

A suggestion is that you start a cooking log. This will help you develop your own favorite methods. For me, a necessary tool is a Maverick dual probe digital thermometer.

Best Wishes,

09-16-2012, 08:40 AM
What temp would you pull the roast out at Applejack?

09-17-2012, 05:57 AM
Hi sundown,

My choice for 'doneness' is 200-205f internal temp. I know, most folks would call that 'incinerated' but that is my personal taste. That is the point where I think that most of the connective tissue in tougher cuts of meats is broken down and is as tender as possible. Steak and prime rib is a whole different issue.

Best Regards,

09-17-2012, 08:16 AM
Thanks, I have a couple of London Broils (top round), I want to do next weekend and have been torn over cooking it to 140 internal or taking em 200 too see what happens.........

09-17-2012, 09:19 AM
thank you both for your time and information

09-25-2012, 07:26 PM
Sundown, if you do london broil to 200deg. you are going to have a real tough piece of meat. it is a completly different piece of meat from a brisket. A brisket is marbled full of fat and connective tissue. A london broil has almost no fat and should be broiled or grilled to rare or med. rare,its not good for slow cooking or braising. It is however great for making beef jerky. Good luck.

09-26-2012, 08:17 AM
I did the cook last weekend Mr-Q and the broils stalled at 147 internal and they came out pretty good...glad they stalled and I didn't take em to 200....got some pics in the photo thread for ya to check out.......

09-26-2012, 05:30 PM
I'll check them out, glad it worked out, I hate to waste food when things don't work out.

09-26-2012, 06:41 PM
This other forum I am on, we have a member whose slogan is "My failures become soft tacos"...someone asked him if he messed up on his cook did he just chop it up and make tacos out of them? "Nope" he said..".there is a little taco stand on the corner where I go get dinner when I mess up my cook!!"

I reckon I have made my share of soft tacos also :rolleyes: