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09-15-2012, 09:51 AM
The owner of the company where I work has a Cookshack.
My buddy up north has a restaurant and has Cookshacks.
My good friend across the street has a Smokin-it.
We currently own a 1400 that my gal cleaned up and uses for a oven since it is so hot!!
This next week we are gonna get a new 1460....that my gal will not clean the insides of!!!!

So who has the best smoker??

I have cooked on a cookshack. I have had grub off my neighbors Smokin-It. Of course I had grub off my 1400 (until it was taken over).

I am not one to blast other peoples rigs and all the food I have had off these smokers tasted darn proper. It seems to me that all these units work quite well and churn out some darn good smoked goodness.

What puts Smokin-Tex out in front is the company and the good people that work there. I have spoken to people at Cookshack and Smokin-It and they seem to be pretty nice.......but:

after talking to the good folks at Smokin-Tex, I come away with a good feeling and know I have a Company with great people that are going to stand behind me and my pit long after the purchase.

That is why I feel Smokin-Tex is the way to go...and if you are lurking around on this forum wondering which smoker to buy....call all -3- companys up and talk to em........you will be placing an order after talking to the great people that make up Smokin-Tex!!

I will now climb off of my soap box and I thank all of you for putting up with me!!

09-15-2012, 03:57 PM
got to thinking after I posted this......I remember when I first started looking for electric smokers on-line how confused I was when I first saw the pics of the Stainless smokers. All -3- look exactly alike. Of course if you go to the forums everybody is generally pleased with theirs.
So that left me wondering which one to get......do I pay the big bucks for the Cookshack...heck they got to be the best because they are so expensive.......why are the Smokin-its cheaper even though they look the same......why is the Smokin-Tex priced less than the Cookshack but priced a bit more than the Smokin-it and they all look exactly the same......:confused:

So.....do I need to spend the extra bucks for the digital read-outs on the CS when they all have thermos too control the temp...why do I have to pay more to see that.......

So....should I save some bucks to get the cheapest model that just seemed to pop up one day on-line..........

Excuse me if you think I am wrong about this but it all comes down to the company behind the product...for folks looking on-line and seeing these very closely resembled SS smokers and wondering what the heck is the difference and which way they should go......is why I have decided to ramble on about these three units!!

We have jumped in the pool and know which way to go......get yourself a Smokin-Tex and you will never have any buyers remorse and you will have a smoker that you will look forward to using and with a minimal amount of care will last you a lifetime..and with a great company that will stand behind you every step of the way...heck ya might have to decide who will get it when you make out your will!!!

I have now put up my soap-box for a while