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luke clayton
01-05-2009, 06:29 AM
Luke Clayton here. It's early morning and I am about to head out to hunt ducks near my home. Shooting has been very good, lots of duck breasts in the freezer! But,this is about cooking, right? I have some breakfast tacos ready to take to the blind that I made from some cured ham I made myself and somked in my Smokin Tex.
Curing the meat is easy, just remove the leg bone of a small ham, 8-10 pounds, rub with the prescribed amount of sugar cure per pound, add some more brown sugar and some coarse ground black pepper. Let cure 7-10 days in a zip lock bag, turning daily in the frig. Then smoke about 10 hours at 175 degrees, don't dry the ham out, I smoke it uncovered for a couple hours then wrap it it foil to retain the moisture.
NOW TO MY TACOS---- I diced some of this ham this am,put it in a skillet with chipped onions and jalapenos and added some eggs and scrambled the eggs..Then, placed in flour tortillias and added a bit of grated cheeze and a little picante sauce. This will go VERY well in the duck blind this am with a steaming hot cup of coffee!! Try making some ham at home, you will be glad you did!! Good hunting and...outdoor cooking! Luke Clayton

08-26-2010, 02:06 PM
I need to go duck hunting with you--you sure are eating better then we do---sounds great can't wait to try it this teal season