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  1. Forgot we also have a catfishing site
  2. Will never get over them, just live with them. Heart and back issues..
    Martin is less then 2 hours north of us, just come down Hwy 22 to Adamsville Tn then its 7 more miles to the house.. Yes these smokers are the best on the market for use. Camped the last 4 days in East Tn. And will go to Pickwick camping a week from today and fish with friends from Mo. We will be after Big Blue Catfish and I also will be trying to catch a few Sauger.
    Need to get busy and add Our New Inventory of 5000 Sauger jigs to our website and add some to Cragislist along with add them to Ebay.
  3. Pete,
    Glad to hear it's you. You led me here, and I'm so glad. Best smoker I've ever seen. Sounds like some health problems? Not to be nosy, but whatever the problems have been, hopefully they have passed and you're on to better health. I wish you well. How far are you from Martin? I have friends there.
  4. Yes thats me. Sorry for the delay but this year has not been good to me.
  5. Dear Smokin-tnpete: Gotta ask, are you tnpete from Walleye Central forum fame? I'm bigwalleye1 over there, bigwalleye here. Had a post over there about smokers, and a reply there by tnpete led me to Smokin Tex, and wanted to see if was you... BTW, just bought a 1400 tonight.

    Is it you?
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