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  1. Smokin Tex ST1400

    We have used our Smokin Tex smoker for the last 5 years. No problems at all other than replacing the element after smoking roughly 800 lbs of meat. I have noticed when smoking boston butts some do...
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    Hurricane Preparedness

    On Sunday (the day before Hurricane Gustav arrived), I smoked the following in my SmokinTex Model 1400:

    2 Whole Chickens using the Kansas City Dry Rub
    2 Whole Chickens using a Special Blend Texas...
  3. Completes Smoker Testing

    We put our new Model 1400 smoker to the test this past weekend trying out our new rubs. We smoked the following:
    Friday Morning 5 am: put 2 briskets in the smoker. Briskets were cut in half and...
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