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Thread: Anyone smoke Jerky in there smokintex?

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    Default Anyone smoke Jerky in there smokintex?

    I do deer jerky in my 1500, And I prop the door open about 1/2" and it works great. I use one of the big jerky guns. And shoot the ground meat out on foil. Then lay the rack down on the foil. And flip it all over. That way its all on the rack.
    How does everyone else do there's? I know there's lots more ways.

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    I smoke jerky in my Smokin Tex.,..Used Mountain Seasonings...with flank steak...

    Turns out great!!!


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    Default Jerky

    Luke Clayton here. I've used my Smokin Tex to make great jerky from everything from wild duck and goose breasts to venison. I use very little wood when making jerky, just a little piece of plum or peach wood. The jerky strips are marinated and well seasoned and need only a touch of 'smoke', the inside of a well used Smokin Tex will impart a light smoke flavor without using wood
    The trick to good jerky is low heat, around 150 degrees and removing the strips befre they become too dried. Usually about three or four hours is all it takes.

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    I use Nesco seasoning and cure.1 packet of each for each pound of ground beef.I use the jerky shooter gun to make the flat strips.I use small circular grill toppers to lay my jerky on for smoking.If doing a small amount put about 8 strips on each tray and put 2 trays on each shelf.And I go with the door closed and temp set at 160 for about 3 hours or a little less.Turns out great.You can stack the trays using wedges between the trays.

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    Default new to making jerky

    Hi my name is Troy I am new to making jerky i have a 1500 and love it just ordered a jerky dryer any tips? THANKS

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    I would guess that not over drying it is a very important thing. I have tried twice and over did it both times. I can eat almost anything but the deer jerky I made wasnt very good. Im sure it was in too long. I will have to try again in a few weeks (deer opens here on Monday).

    Any tips on knowing when your jerky is ready to come out? I cooked at 150 with the door open a crack.

    Mine wasnt ground meat, it was sliced strips if that matters.
    ST1400 and loving it

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    Default jerky

    One big thing I learned is NEVER put cold meat in the smoker! Always let it warm up or run smker on lowest setting for 1 hour. I use deer or bottom round because if you live near a sams club or walmart it is between 2 to 3$$$$ a pound. As far as telling when it is done, trial and error, it has a look that when you do it you can tell. A lot of it has to do with what seasoning you use and how dry you like it. And one last note, I smoke jerky at 180 to 200 deg

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    Thumbs up Jerky

    Quote Originally Posted by skeet View Post
    Hi my name is Troy I am new to making jerky i have a 1500 and love it just ordered a jerky dryer any tips? THANKS
    The biggest advice is to not be afraid of trying. I did mine for 21/2 to 3 hours with the dryer going. Use 150 degree temp and a small amount of the wood of your choice. My meat was ground. I used regular American Harvest jerky mix with my ground meat. All of us have some winning recipes and some that just are not that good yet. The smoker only does what it should do...smoke meat! We are the ones who choose the type of meat, the seasoning and spices (or brine), the wood, the time length and therein lies the secret of smokin get it all right!

    Another tip is keep records of what you have done and the outcome of each. There is nothing worse than getting it right but then you forget what it was that you did. Have a cooking notebook divided in sections and keep an ongoing record to help yourself and others later on what works and what was a waste of time and meat. The sections are simply the types of meats you smoke.
    ex. ribs, pulled pork, brisket, chicken, turkey, wild game... "if you record it you can duplicate it" over and over with the same results.

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