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Thread: Frozen or defrosted?

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    Default Frozen or defrosted?

    Is it possible to cook frozen meats in the smoker or do they have to be defrosted

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    u can cook frozen meats in the smoker-depending on the thickness of the meat it will be awhile before u can insert your temp probe


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    Default Frozen?????

    The best recommendation I can give you is what I would tell any person...thaw your meats out properly in the refrigerator. You can't apply any rubs or spices on the meat or even inject any type of liquid into the meat, if the meat is frozen. The whole art of smoking meat is low and slow. Not just hurried to make hot. Seasoning your meats is a crucial part of the smoking process.

    Then place the properly thawed and seasoned meat in the smoker for the highest quality of smoke penetration and it will more thoroughly cook to the proper temperature for safe eating for you and your guests.

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