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    Smile Moose Meat


    Anyone ever smoke moose meat? Do you know what type of roast of Moose would be considered Brisket. Brought moose meat back from canada and the butcher didn't label any brisket. Not sure what cut would be brisket. Anyways, does anyone have any moose recipes for the smoker?

    Thanks, Monica

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    Default Moose meat dilemma

    Moose meat can be treated more like beef than any of the wild game meats. That is what I did with mine. More than likely there is no package with the label "brisket." Most lockers don't put that label on wild game meat. You probably have roasts and steaks along with hamburger. Look for recipes with that in mind rather than brisket recipes alone. What about sausages, jerky or sticks? These all need smoke time. Pecan wood gives the best mild smoke flavor.

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    I just got my first smoker and the whole family is loving it. Haven't ever had moose meat, tho i don't suppose it would be much different than beef. Would like to know if anybody has cooked a leg of lamb in the smoker? Curious as to the temp and time.

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