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Thread: 700 vs 1400 Watts

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    Hello, New member here! I am new to the electric smoker and have found myself with a 1500C. My only question is when should I use 700 watts vs when to use 1400 watts?

    I look forward to many interesting conversations and sharing recipes on the forum.

    Thank you in advance.


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    Welcome, Dano! (Has a great ring to it)

    I find myself using the 1400 watts with larger portions of meat.... much like a full cabinet of ribs, or several briskets.

    Another benefit to having the two heating elements: Load wood in both, fire up both at first, bringing your smoker up to temp faster. Leave the two on for the first 3 or 4 hours. Once you are simply maintaining temp, you can cut back to the single element - 700 - to coast to completion.
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    Dano....first....welcome to the forum! In my opinion, being able to cook at higher temps is a plus!!!!! I would NEVER cook anything at 700. That would not give the meat
    enough temp to cook properly.....use your Max temp....and adjust the temp accordingly to what ever you are smoking. This is my will have to learn from your mistakes. Good luck and we are here to help in anyway!!!


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