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    I haven't used my smoker in a couple months.
    I got a turkey all ready, opened up my smoker and found.....MOLD!
    The whole interior, racks, rack hangers, everything was covered with green mold.

    I scrubbed it out with hot water, dish soap and steelwool.
    After thoroughly rinsing I put in some hickory, closed it up and let it dry and re-season.

    I've had my smoker almost 2 years and have used it many times, keep it wiped out and fairly clean (I thought!).

    Has anyone else found mold?

    What can I do to keep this from happening again?

    One thing for sure, it cleaned out VERY easily.


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    Are you sure it was mold? I've had my smoker ~5+ years. Never cleaned it - never had mold. Sounds like you took care of it. Clean everything and run and re-season at a high temp. Sorry you had the problem, but I think you are okay. I'll let others chime in. I have no idea how to prevent it other than use it more often.... Seriously - mold is very odd to me. I guess it depends on how you store it.

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    Yea, it was mold, green mold.
    It was stored on my back deck and covered with the Smokin Tex cover.
    All I can figure is the temps/moisture must have been just right to grow mold.
    I live in Arkansas, along the Arkansas River, elevation @ 400ft and it's usually humid here.

    I got it cleaned up, smoked my first whole turkey last night and it turned out GREAT.
    So all is good now.

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    New one by me...... but I live in Texas. I guess I would have encountered mold by now if I was going to experience it?

    I've been using a SmokinTex of one size or another since they first came out.....

    Happy to hear she cleaned up well. Maybe it was just a fluke?
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