Just curious... What is your test for doneness? If you simply going by time, your ribs will probably turn out different every time. Some use the bend test and other look at how the meat pulls back fro the bone. And I don't see how anyone can go by temp as there is such a variation in meat thickness plus getting your probe too close to a bone. I guess whatever works for you. I use the toothpick test. if a toothpick will pass through the thickest meat on the rib rack with very little resistance, your ribs are done.

I have never foiled ribs. For babybacks/loinbacks I a looking at 4.5 - 5.5 hours at 225*. Don't even think about opening the door until the 4 hour mark. Doing so allows moisture to escape.

Keep good notes on what you do, times, temps and procedure and you'll do fine. And when you do have problems or questions, come to this forum. Lots of us have been smoking for longer than we care to admit.

god luck on your next rack of ribs...!