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Thread: Power Cord Problems with Model 1500

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    Default Power Cord Problems with Model 1500

    Has anyone experienced problems with their power cord melting through the insulation causing the ground fault to trip as soon as the unit is plugged in. If so what is the solution, cord replacement? Does SmokinTex sell power cord replacements?

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    Presumptuous on my part, but they may send one for the asking. Send them a quick email.

    Good luck!!
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    Where exactly did it melt? I'm more curious *why* it melted. Was it a oops, or do we have a malfunction? I ask because there is so little to go wrong with these things.
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    Melted just inside cabinet. Wires appeared to overheat. After repair, temperature overshot setpoint by 50 degrees on the way up. On the way down it comes back on at about 5 degrees below setpoint. Not sure if this existed before the melting.

    Any ideas?

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