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Thread: Has anyone done a swineapple?

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    Smile Has anyone done a swineapple?

    Just wondering if anyone has done a swineapple and if so if they have any tips they would be willing to pass on. I was thinking of trying one this weekend for a Sunday dinner.

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    I had to go look it up myself. Looks interesting. In some photos, it looked like the pork was already cooked,, in others, not. I think I'd be inclined instead of country ribs to use a pork loin. I do like the idea of it cooked before going into the pineapple.
    Here's my thoughts:
    I'd be inclined to rub it with some black pepper, ginger, salt and garlic, toss it in the ST at 200* for an hour and a half or so, use some charcoal briquettes and straight cherry wood, not even looking for an internal temp, but more to establish a bark and a smoke ring, then get it into the pineapple,
    and then monitor for an internal temp from there.
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    Well... tried the swineapple today. It looked fantastic but tasted... fine. It was not what I expected. The bacon seemed to serve no purpose other then looking good being able to say it was wrapped in bacon. It didn't have any pineapple flavor nor did it impart any bacon flavor to the pineapple. The pineapple itself had no flavor whatsoever. No one ate it. The pork inside was good and moist but again no pineapple flavor/sweetness was imparted to the meat. It would have been better if I had just smoked the pork. I could have done it wrong. When I was buying stuff at costco and told the guy I was making a swineapple he knew what it was and said they were great. Then he went on to tell me he was from Hawaii and other small talk. I also spoke with a guy I work with that grew up in Hawaii and he has never heard of a swineapple. I showed him a picture from the internet and all he could tell me was it looked good but he didn't think it originated in Hawaii.

    If anyone is interested here are the details of my attempt...

    Seasoned boneless country ribs (sliced pork butt)
    Smoked with Cherry @ 200 for 1 hour
    Lightly Sauced pork
    Cored out pineapple and removed the outside skins. Then stuffed the pork into the pineapple reattaching top with toothpicks
    wrapped the outside of the pineapple in bacon
    Smoked for 4 hours @ 240

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