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    Hi all . I have had my 1400 a couple years . I was not happy with temps and how long it takes to cook so I used it very little . Then my electrician buddy said we can adjust the thermocouple a little . We did and went to far and then it didn't work . So I just called and got it replaced . Thanks Smokintex for taking care of me . I have noticed some long cook times reading through the forum . Did a 3.5# butt and it took 8.5 hrs @250* and not to temp , not real happy about that . Just did a brisket @ 225* and it was done in 9hrs . I think this is going to take some time to figure out . Based on the butt I was thinking at least 14hrs . Now I have to reheat it for dinner .

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    I've found a whole butt seems to take almost as long as a half. In my 1400, I set it at 180 for an 11 pm start, crank it to 225 at 6 am on the way out the door, and i'm usually in the stall or just past it at 4 pm when I arrive home, and adjust dinner time from there, so about 18 hours is what I plan for, but at a little lower temp. If I need a temp hit upon arrival home, I can crank it all the way up.

    Things like a butt with a higher fat/collagen content do take significantly longer than brisket, which has a denser, less fatty content.
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    Thanks for the reply . I should have said it was only a 5.12# brisket . I have only done a full brisket before on my big smoker so I guess it is trial and error . I have never done that small a butt before and was surprised how long it took . We went out for dinner that night . Came home and finished it in the oven .

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    Hey y'all, sorry for the late response....

    First of all, I absolutely love the way the folks at SmokinTex treat everybody. It is as if we are all family. The way it should be everywhere.

    Second, not all cuts of meat are going to cook the same. Pork butts take longer, and are perfect for pulling @ 203-205. The fat and connective tissue does something magic at that temp.

    As for brisket, a whole packer will take longer to cook than a flat. That being said, I usually look for a 10# brisket for my 1400, as that was the largest I was comfortable with in the 1400
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