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    Is it just me or does everyone feel like they joined a great family when they purchased their smokin tex? The folks at smokin tex customer service are super nice and very patient and don't make me feel like an idiot for asking questions. This forum is a wealth of great information and great people. I have never experienced this feeling with the purchase of any other product. I have had my ST1400 for about two weeks and have had some of the best BBQ ever. I expected good BBQ but not the feeling of community that is going on here. Good job Smokin Tex and thank you fellow posters for all of your great recipes, tips, advice. Smoke on!!!!!!!
    Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy, B. Franklin

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    Pepperbo, It's not just you.
    There are reasons we've all bought ST products, and all of the reasons you mention and more that a lot of us frequent this forum.

    IMO, helping one another make better food is a little something we can do to give back to our own community, and everybody contributes and everybody wins. Not to take this political, but wouldn't it be nice if the same throry could be turned into practice in other parts of our lives?
    Bottom line is, as a group, when one succeeds, we all succeed, and, most especially, since it's not a contest, we ARE all getting better at it without losing anything.
    I believe in catch and release fishing. I don't want to EAT 'em all, I just want to GREET 'em all!

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