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    Here we go. After reading what you more experienced people have done, it all started at 0200.
    Yesterday I bought two pork shoulders from Costco, 14.39 lbs. Patted them dry with paper towels. Smeared mustard all over, then applied a liberal amount of dry rub. Wrapped in plastic wrap, into the fridge.
    Woke up this morning at 0200.
    Took the meat out of the fridge.
    Into the smoker at 0245 at 225 deg.
    Woke up at 0700, the internal temp read 185 deg.
    At 0930 it read 193 deg.
    At 1045 it read 189 deg.
    At 1130 it read 185 deg.
    At 1200 it read 189 deg.
    Im following the 2 hour per pound guidline at 225 deg, reaching an internal temp. of 200 deg, for pulled pork..
    I wasn't planning on wrapping them in foil.
    I hope it turns out.
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