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Thread: Smoker Wood

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    Any word yet, Onivek? IMHO, 2.0-2.5 oz of wood is perfect for pork and chicken. I use more like 4.0 for beef as it stands up to it better. 50/50 hickory pecan for pork. Throw in some apple or oak to change things up sometimes.

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    I just clicked the Amazon link that Onivek bought his smoker from.

    I now see that your unit came with wood that many of ours did not. Yes, that variety pack is for smoking meat

    My favorite is pecan, followed by a tie between oak, cherry and apple.

    How did things turn out?
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    Guys... thanks for all the feedback and guidance. Definitely helped me get out of the game. Sorry for the delay in response - I had written a post last weekend that clearly didn't submit correctly.

    The Boston Butt turned out great - I may have overcooked it but would assume that this is pretty common for most first timers who want to be sure that what they cook can be eaten. I smoked it for 3 hours and then moved it to the oven where I finished it in foil for 1.5 hours. Flavor was great and it was easy to pull after resting. I've never had a $4 piece of meat come out that impressive ever. Now if only my electric bill doesn't show a spike, then I am in!

    One issue I did have was consistency of the temperature. I have a Maverick 733 that dual probe that I am using to measure meat and smoker temps. Although I had the temp dial set between 150-175 I was getting internal temps (not meat) of well over 225 and ranging up to 230-240. I don't think the smoking wood ever caught fire, so I don't think that was the issue. On other occassions the temp would drop down to 170-180 and I would have to "dial it up" to get back into proper range. I had this cycle happen 3 times over the 3 hours I smoked.

    Is this normal?
    Could this have been a function of power fluctuation in the outlet I was using?
    I am using a heavy duty extension cord. Could that have any effect?

    I appreciate any guidance or insight you all may have for me. Got my ribs rubbed and ready to go for tonight.

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    Some variation is normal, but that seems like a lot. I'd recommend running a test with nothing in the smoker to check set point on the dial vs cabinet temp, say every 15 min over a couple hour period. Like your thermostat on the furnace, water heater, or oven, some rise above set point and some fall below set point is normal. However, the dial can be adjusted to come into line with your test results, once you have them.

    Now try a 7-8 lb butt. If you're gonna run that bad boy, make enough pulled pork to fill a BIG cavity!!! When you do, try a 225 set point, 2.5 oz of Apple chunks or a mix of Apple and cherry, and 4 or 5 charcoal briquettes in the smoke box. 203-205 internal is your target, but keep the probe away from the bone.

    Don't be afraid to toss a couple briquettes in with those ribs as well.
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