Lots of folks call something like this a "dip", I prefer "spread" because it's more course than a dip and easier to spread with a knife/spoon on a cracker or such than it is to dip.

My son is an avid duck hunter and has literally hundreds of pounds of duck meat at the end of every season.

3 sort of large duck breast (mallard and such).
Cream Cheese - 1/2 lbs
Sour Cream - big TS
Oregano - a few good shakes (to taste)
Black Pepper - a fair amount (to taste)
Ground Salt - to taste
Garlic juice - 1 TS
Onion juice - 1 TS
Chipolata sauce - 3 TS
Hot pepper sauce - as much as you want and what ever kind you like (to taste)

Thaw and dry the breasts. Sear the breasts on both sides and edges in olive oil, hot and fast! (Duck is a dry meat, and if you don't sear it will be extra dry.)
While still warm put the breasts in the schmoker. 225* for 1 to 1 1/2 hours. (I don't like rare duck so I go for 1 1/2 hrs)
Use a strong wood as seared duck doesn't absorb smoke well, use a fair amount. I use hickory and oak and maybe a small chunk of mesquite.

When the meat cools to @ room temp grind it up in a food chopper. I like to chop it fairly course, with some chunks of 1/4 inch.
(You should of course already have your cream cheese at room temp) I like to put it in the micro for a few seconds to further soften it, makes it easier to mix.

In a large bowl (I need a large bowl because I always make a mess with small bowls) Mix all the ingredients.

It's ready to eat. (but like most stuff like this it's much better if it sits in the fridge a day or more)
I don't like it cold so I always get it out of the fridge early, sometimes I pop a little in the micro for a few seconds.

Enjoy if you enjoy duck :-}

And of course play with the ingredients to your taste.