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Thread: 1st Turkey 0n 1500 TEMP QUESTION

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    Default 1st Turkey 0n 1500 TEMP QUESTION

    Curious about cooking time 15 lb bird should be about 7.5 hrs @ 225 but according to probe in breast @4.5 hrs temp is almost 165 degrees. I am running with both elements ie 1400 watts
    i have checked probe to make sure it is not near bone etc
    using maveriks 2 probe wireless digital themometer with both the transmitter and receiver reading the same temp
    does using both elements cut the cooking time?

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    Welcome to the family Jadii!

    Using both elements will help insure the unit is heated properly and will help cook that bird more thoroughly.

    Use one element for smaller items like fatty's or a single chicken, possibly ribeye's.

    I hope this helps!
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