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Thread: New owner want to smoke Boston butt

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    Default New owner want to smoke Boston butt

    How long do I cook 7# Boston butt

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    First of all, welcome to the family! Happy to see you here.

    Second, I highly recommend cooking to temperature and not by time. I prefer an internal temp of 200 for pulling, and using an internal probe like the Maverick is an easy way to hit your target.

    You can expect around 90 minutes per pound, but temp is the true way to know you have broken down the fat.

    Be sure to post back and let us know how it goes!
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    Welcome, Stick! Glad to have you with us. As usual, Darren is spot on with his advice. Temp is the big key. How much collagen and fat in a piece of meat will change times quite a bit. If all else fails, and you don't have a thermometer, go with Darren's recommended time and open the door, tongs in hand, and grab the bone. If it pulls free pretty readily, you're good to go for pulling. I don't recommend this ongoing, since multiple openings will tend to dry out the butt. Have everything ready to go in the event the butt is ready, then pull it out and get to business. In the event that it's not, have a couple ounces of water in a paper cup ready, toss it onto the top of the firebox and close the door for a minimum of another hour. At that point, you should be good.
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