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    This is my second try at making pastrami. The first time i made it I took it out of the smoker when the internal temp was 169 degrees. This time I'm going for around 190 degrees.

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    I soaked the corn beef in cold water for 24 hrs to get the salt out changing the water 4 times. My rub is garlic powder, coriander seeds and black pepper. The coriander was seeds so i grind it down in my coffee grinder. I applied the garlic first, coriander next and black pepper. Smoked it with apple wood chunks for 12 hrs.

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    Twelve hours later the internal temp was 189 degrees. Trim off the fat and had my first taste...oh my god was that good. I live in the New York area and there is a famous deli called Katz Deli and they are famous for their Pastrami sandwiches. I think this is just as good not better but good enough.

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    The left over pastrami was just as good two days later. I trimmed off most of the visible fat and made myself a very nice sandwich.

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    Cool TRy this!!

    So what i did was soak for three hours in cold water. Pat dry and season with corriander, black pepper, garlic and cinnamon. I smoked it at 190 for 8 hours, and pulled it out and placed it in a pot of simmering water and steeped it for three more hours. This was a key step. It added moisture and took off some of the smokey sharpness and heavy spice layer. I pulled it out and sliced it by hand. My wife and I just got back from NY and after eating at Katzs', I needed a pastrami fix at home. This was great and I was very happy. The Soaking is important!!!! Remember-- all pastrami is either hot soaked or steamed before serving. It is also important to know that it is not brisket!!! Brisket is too lean. Pastrami is made from beef navels( bellies ). The correct amount of fat to meat to make a tender marbled juicy hunk of love.

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