Just bought the model 1400 smoker. Buying it on-line was easy as the lady
(Diane) taking the order had to patience to answer all of my questions and
gave me information to accommodate my needs. I checked out reviews of
different smokers online and decided to go with SmokinTex because of their
great attitude and the lower cost of the product. Putting the system into
service is incredibly easy (essentially you open the box it comes in and
plug it into the wall socket). First time trying the equipment I smoked two
whole chickens and baked four potatoes using alder wood. I was amazed at
how simple it was to cook the food and how good it tasted. The juiciest
chicken I ever cooked. As an engineer, I also took note as to the quality
of the equipment. This smoker will last for many years to come. Looking
forward to many opportunities to use the smoker. I am glad I made the

Robert J.