Dear Diz & Company,

I purchased my Smokin Tex 1500 Pro Series about a year ago. I have a small local catering company in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and I was losing out on catering events the winter months. I did lots of research on commercial smokers and decided to purchase from Smokin Tex. It was the best money I have ever spent. It is portable, reliable and I can use it anywhere. It gives meat the true smoke flavor just like my competition smoker only I can use it when the snow is 10 feet deep outside. Meat turns out perfect everytime. We get tons of compliments on the great smoke flavor. It is easy to use and cleans up fast! Every time I use I think to myself "How did I ever live with out it." I have had many people ask about the unit, I tell them all about it and I send them directly to your website. It is truly a wonderful piece in my BBQ arsenal when I am catering. Also your staff is amazing and very, very helpful when it comes to service, especially Diana. I have all the accessories and love them all. Smoking cheese & making jerky is my new passion. Because of my Smokin Tex Smoker I am busy catering every weekend. My own restaurant is just around the corner!! You guys ROCK!!!!!