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Thread: Ups and Downs of My First Week of Smoking

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    Default Ups and Downs of My First Week of Smoking

    I had 5 smoking sessions this past week with my new 1400.
    First was a 5 lb Chicken, brined and rubbed, 220 degrees 3 1/2 hours turned out great.

    Second day a couple racks of grocery store fresh sausage 220 degrees with 4 oz cherry for 3 hrs. Way over cooked and over smoked.

    Third day tried sausage again. Fresh mild Italian 220 degrees for 2 hr and 2 oz apple chunks. Turned out properly cooked with right amount of smoke. Would recommend a natural casing as the fake casing was tough.

    Next a 6 lb Boston Butt, overnight rubbed. Five hours in the smoker @ 225 degrees and 2 hrs in oven at 300 degress. Butt came to 195 degrees and turned out great.

    Finally a 6 lb picnic shoulder with same time and temps as the Butt. The Butt was much better and I won't use the picnic shoulder again as the Butt was far superior.

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    Sounds like you had a great week with your new 1400. I still remember when I got my 1400. First thing I smoked was a fatty using JD sausage. Talk about over smoke. I brought it in the house and my wife started yelling to get it out of the house. I took one bite and into the trash they went. Keep the post coming, and remember we are here to help one another.

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    Welcome to the family, and congrats on the successes as well as the failures. I say that sincerely, because mastering the smoker is about knowing what you like as well as knowing what you don't like. I encourage a log book detailing both successes and failures, and, on the failures, note what you didn't like and what you'd do differently next time. It'll go a long way toward helping you get better faster, and it'll keep you from making the same mistakes a second time.
    Always better to under-smoke than over-smoke. Let us know if we can help!!
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    Welcome Cudjoe!

    Keep up the great results.... they all sound delicious, even if one or two over-cooked. I look at it as on-the-job training
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