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Thread: A little help with my temp probe, please

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    Default A little help with my temp probe, please

    OK, Maverick 732 dual probe, over the 4th, the round end probe was giving me clearly erroneous readings. I had one each in two different pork butts. 3 hours into the cook on similar sized butts it's not possible for internal temps to be different by over a hundred degrees.

    Figured, OK, I'll get through this cook. We got it solved by verifying temp in the second butt when the first one was pulled, and moved the pointy ended probe into the second butt.

    Working last night on a pre-fishing trip KCBS pork loin. Used the pointy ended probe that seemed like it had been working fine.
    Out of the blue, we're rolling along at a 90 degree internal temp, we're right on track, and the readout on the remote goes to LLL, meaning the meat temp is below the lower level limit for the probe. Sat there for a while, then started behaving again. This happened several times more, eventually righting itself each time. There are fresh batteries in the sending unit and in the remote, there was no high humidity or rain, and the LLL signal on the remote was also appearing on the sending unit.

    So what do I have? A bad Maverick altogether? Bad probes? Should I just chuck the thing and start over with something else? If so, what? Or should I replace both probes?

    Need a little help from my friends on this one....
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    I used to encounter this all to frequently until I finally gave up and purchased a Tappecue. Below is what their website says about it. However I never tried the oven attempt to fix.

    Good luck


    Why do I get HHH or LLL for a temperature when I plug my probe into the unit?

    99% of the time the probe has failed during use. The probe may have had its internal wiring melted, been severely pinched or immersed in water. Any of these would cause the probe to short out and give a HHH, LLL or false temperature display.

    Sometimes a probe that is malfunctioning due to moisture inside can be made to work again by the following procedure:
    1.) Place probe and wire (not entire transmitter) in a small baking pan and put it in an oven that you have preheated to 300F.
    2.) Leave in for 10 minutes, then remove and allow to cool. When cool, try using probe again and it may work.

    If the probe is still under warranty please either call or email our customer service department with the model # of your unit and we’ll replace it free of charge.

    If the probe is out of warranty please go to our parts and service section to order New probe.
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    I had my probe go out as well, found a plethora of options on Amazon.

    I had no idea I could use the blunt probe (rounded end?) to measure meat temp. I have always used it to tell me the smoker temp. Learned something new!
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