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    I started with a 4 lb pork belly. Have the butcher trim the skin unless you have a really sharp knife and want to work at it a little. Save the skin for cracklin's or as I did quick cure and smoke for beans and soups.

    For the Bacon:
    1/4 cup Morton "Tender Quick Home Meat Cure"
    1/4 cup brown sugar
    2 TBL cracked black pepper
    1 TBL of you favorite spice or rub

    Mix above and sprinkle over both sides of the meat. It does not have to be too heavy, just a coating.
    Place in a jumbo zipper bag and lay flat on a tray in the frig.
    Turn meat over once a day for 7 days.
    On day 7, wash the cure off throughly. Its best to soak the meat in water for at least 2 hrs to really get the cure off and pat dry.
    Let sit in frig on a rack for at least 4 hours or or best overnight until the meat has a dry a almost slick feel.
    Place in smoker at 175 degrees until the internal temp reaches 150 degrees (around 5 hours.)
    Let cool, wrap and put in frig.
    Slice across the grain on a bias at desired thickness. An inexpensive meat slicer (Chefs Choice) works great.
    Cook slowly until deep rich color.

    Thanks to Steven Raichlen and his "Project Smoke" who turned me on to this.
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