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    Just breaking in new smoker, but have not had much success getting a bark. I could achieve a bark on my pork but nicely without a rub, but haven't gotten one yet with my SmokinTex.

    I fill one box with wood, and smoke at 225. More wood? Temp up to 250?


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    Just curious. why no rub?
    You don't say how long you cooked it or what internal temp the butt you achieved.
    Also did you weigh your wood chunks (I assume you used chunks, not chips) and what was the weight you used and what kind of wood.

    I always get good bark. I do smoke mine a little hotter than that. You might try setting it at 250 and it will swing in between 225 and 275 probably.

    If you use the "search feature," and search for PORK BUTT, you will find many posts on successful cooks and
    and can glean from their successes and pictures what method you wish to try the next time. It might also help others respond if
    you mention which SmokinTex you have.

    Good searching and keep posting.

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