Hello All,
I have wanted a Smokin Tex for a very long time, and I just got my 1400 today! My first major recipe I am going to make this weekend is going to be Cochinita Pibil. For those of you unfamiliar with this dish from the Yucatan Peninsula, it was mentioned several times by Johnny Depp in the movie Once Upon a Time in Mexico. This is the recipe I am going to use (at the Food Lab/Serious Eats site- a great site if you are not familiar):
The meat is wrapped in banana leaves and according to the recipe should be cooked for 250-300F for about 5 hours. Since I am new to the Smokin Tex, do you think the cooking time will be longer since the max temp is 250? How much wood should be used with the banana leaves (providing a barrier to the smoke?)? I have about 10lbs of pork shoulder in two 5lb pieces.
Thanks for your help, and Happy Thanksgiving!