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    So we will have to agree to disagree that a smoked chicken should not take 7+ hours and be finished in the oven. If I want a satisfactory smoker (1400) I'm going to have to fix it myself (along with advice from you - my forum friends) w.

    I believe the box is sound and the heating element is sound, the thermostat is issue.

    From what I have been reading these are my options in order of complexity and costs:
    1. re-locate the bulb to another location

    2. replace the thermostat. There are plenty of other EGO thermostats available for $5-$50. Need one with matching temperature range and ca****ary length, then re-calibrate it.

    3. Digital thermostat. I have found a lot projects where the motivation was even temperature control and minimal cycling. The controller prices have dropped a lot since some of those projects were built.

    I have found 3 types of digital thermostat* :
    - a purpose built thermostat for electric bbqs from , ($250-$350)
    - buy a general purpose digital thermometer, a box, a relay and assemble it ($50-$150)
    - buy a all-inclusive digital thermometer which controls a 110V outlet on the box ($20-$45)

    So any thoughts, advice, etc so I can get this smoker working properly and avoid the shame of yet another "Do we have to finish it in the oven again?" question

    * i did not link out to any of these products, I can add links to the websites/products if you want

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    I just smoked a 8 pound chicken at 200 for about 3.5 hours and i pulled it out with an internal temperature of 167. No issues.

    My smokintex is about 12 years old. A few years ago I had to replace the thermostat because of an issue. Whatever temp I turned it to the unit would just go to max.

    To really determine the issue all I did was to put the unit at a certain temp and let it go for about an hour. I then stuck a thermometer in the hole at the top and could determine that the unit was very far off. I called smokintex, they shipped me a new thermometer with installation instructions and I installed it with no issues. I turned the unit back on again and did the same test and everything started working again as expected.

    What temp are you trying to smoke at?

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    Following up, this is the thermostat i used to fix the temperature problems. Smoker was well out of warranty so was not concerned about making wiring mods.

    WILLHI High Temperature Controller with Digital Outlet $33 . There are other digital thermostat products out there dedicated to bbqs and smokers, this seems to do as good a job, with minimal modifications.


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    My thermostat fluctuates. Set it at 225 and it goes up to 230 and drop to 194 and then back up. Would it help to clean the thermostat?

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