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Thread: Smo-Kit Smoker Model 1214

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    Question Smo-Kit Smoker Model 1214

    Hello I bought a Smo-Kit Smoker Model 1214 really cheap (but new) but do not have the manual for it I emailed customer care and got an email back from Scott Wallace. And they said they don't have a copy of the manual anymore.

    So my question, does anyone have a pdf or any other format copy of the manual?

    Or at least instructions on how to use it properly.

    Thanks in advance,


    P.S. It is kinda self explanatory, long time smoker here, but just want to make sure.

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    Here's a link you may have seen... Looks like someone else found one in 2008 and the folks at ST were able to send a manual in .pdf format.

    I'd think the Admin will be along shortly.
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