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    ill take a pic and show you. I seen them in the case at Sam's club cheap so I picked them up. how bad could they be ?? sounds like some good info. I'll have to pick up some cherry because all I have at this point is apple and hickory. I do have some of that Billy bob's pork rub left over from the shoulder I did so I'll use that and see what happens.
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    It's funny you mention rubs, and I think about how different my rib rub is from my pork butt rub.

    While I do use a commercial salt based rib rub from Kansas City, my first coat is white sugar, beau monde and Tony Chachere's creole seasoning. I like a little sweet and sticky, a little celery/onion, and a little spice in with the salt and garlic spice from the commercial rub, but, nevertheless, i treat my meat cuts way differently from the same animal.
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    well, I attempted the boneless baby backs. I used the standard brisket rub on 2, and Billy bobs pork rub on the other 2. I used 4 oz. apple and 2 charcoal briquettes, set the temp at 225 degrees and cooked for 4 hours. when I rubbed them I noticed one had very little fat and the others had a decent layer. the one with no fat was a little dry. the other 3 were very good. I think I could get away with 3 hours and hopefully they would be juicier so I could sauce them and finish them on the grill. I was afraid to do that with the fear of completely drying them out. overall I think they came out decent, flavor was decent, and they were easy to prepare. I will try them again, but the bone in ones might be better, we shall see. also, I think I need to come up with a rib rub to give them their own identity. next week, another brisket, I love brisket. those ribs weighed aprox. 6# when I started.
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    attempted a couple pounds of salmon this weekend from Sam's club. I'll have to say it came out pretty good. I used 2 oz. of alder wood and cooked at 200 for 2 hrs. I probably could get away with a little less time so it would be a little more moist, not that it was dry by any means. pretty tasty stuff.
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