so my first attempt at brisket i used scotts time method and cooked at 10 # brisket for 12 hours, it came out perfect. but for some reason the only place in town that carries whole briskets sells these monsters that are no smaller than 12# all the way up to 16# or so. so i purchased a 12# brisket but it seems its to big to fit on the rack on the 1100. the manual that comes with the smoker says cut the brisket to fit on the rack. ok, but does this affect the time ?? i assume it would because now you, technically lets say, have a 10 # brisket. if thats the case then i adjust the time and alls good. but what do you do with the 2# piece ?? put it in there and cook it ?? if so does that effect the time ?? do you freeze it and save up a couple pieces and cook them all together at another time ? not sure what to do on this one, any advice would be helpful.