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    I think I sold another one!! On memorial day my wife and I were invited to a BBQ here in San Diego. A beautiful day and much wine and good food was enjoyed. Of course as the conversation turned to bbq's and smokers (the host was a pellet smoker guy). I had to extoll the benefits of my Smokin Tex 1400. The ease of use, no moving parts to break down, easy cleanup, the smokin Tex website community, great customer service from the company. And of course great results.

    One of the guests (Richard) expressed a desire to obtain a smoker and had been looking around at your competition. He had his eye on one that had a window so he could see what was going on during the smoke. I told him firmly "STEP AWAY FROM THE WINDOW!!!" You are gonna have to clean that window for every time if you hope to see your food.
    He immediately recognized the wisdom in this. What also appealed to him was the fact that he has many fruit trees on his property and he would never have to buy pucks or pellets of questionable wood content.

    Richard is a veteran, and all around good guy. So I told him to contact y'all directly and inquire about what kind of package you could put together for him. My confidence in Smokin Tex is such that I know you'll take care of him.

    I don't expect a commission but I know I will continue to represent Smokin Tex in my unofficial capacity for life.
    Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy, B. Franklin

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    Thanks for the kind words! Our great customers continue to be our best advertisement.
    Happy smokin!

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