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Thread: Questions about smokin a pizza!

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    Default Questions about smokin a pizza!

    I own a restaurant and i am looking to induce some induced SE Asian taste on pizza, fish on pizza with Asian seasoning, or KimChee-BBQ Duck, etc., wondering if anyone has any experience putting some smoke flavor/taste onto a pizza? If so, what combo, smoker first and then pizza oven, times?, etc.

    Hope to get some input.

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    I'd be interested to see what people have to say. I have smoked meats that I have used as toppings for pizza. Smoked turkey in my recreation of Detroit Michigan's Supino Pizzeria "City Wing Thing" was amazing. I just don't think that a SmokinTex will get hot enough to do a whole pizza justice. Topping out at 250F, it's quite a way from the 500 degrees of most pizza ovens, and not hot enough to get that good maillard reaction going that we all love in pizza.

    If you figure something out, please share!

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    You'll want to smoke whatever it is, and then put it on and throw the pie in the oven. I've done this with pulled pork and Canadian bacon. I agree with what draper says, these don't get hot enough to do the crust justice.

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