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Thread: First try at bacon wrapped stuffed pork loin

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    Default First try at bacon wrapped stuffed pork loin

    Local grocery had pork loins on sale, soooo I had to experiment. Smoked about 6.5 hours to internal temp of 170. Kinda dry, but still good. Maybe cook to 160 next time?

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    PS...the other half is curing for Canadian Bacon, recipe found on this forum.

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    Try searching the forum for "Banned KCBS"... Unsure of the rest of the language specifically, but that search will get you there. I've NEVER had that recipe fail me. Despite the fact the recipe calls for pork tenderloins, with all due respect to the poster of the recipe, I've got cavities bigger than that. I use the recipe with pork loin halves, and it's incredible. I suspect your finish temp may be too high.
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    170 is kinda no man's land, it's past done but you can't shred it yet. You're going to love the Canadian bacon.

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