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    Im Tony,,new here if yall put up with me,,,,,Hi! ,,,, had a couple life altering changes 10 years ago,,im alone now, 53yo,, lost interest in everything i liked,,,Well yesterday i walked over to this Electric Grill , been on my porch atleast 10 years,,,,,, and wrote down info,,,googled it,,, Found out its a Smokin Tex 1400,, after reasearch, i said WOW! , Seems to be 1 of the Greatest made! , YES! ,, Ive smoked all my life,,had a BBQ, and Catfish Restuarant 5 years in Branson,,,,, ALWAYS used heavy Hickory firewood type wood Smokers,,,Got burned out on it, sold, and retired,,, Melted a many Good Smokers down! haha.. Kept it Smokin every day to draw em in,, hehe,, Wow, a 1400! Perfect for me and 2 buddys,,,,, Gotta get Wood chunks and fire up! Cant believe how this has cheered me up, and finding this site,,A Blessing ,,, Any Meat yall might suggest for 1st run? ,, Better Dig Deep,,Cause i already got Brisket Burnt Ends on my mind!!! haha,,, ,cant wait to get acquainted ,,,im a lil Rusty,,bear with me , ill catch on,,, Tony.......

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    Tony, so good to have you with us! You'll find a great group here, with lots of folks, lots of ideas, and lots of love for good food. I'm way up north in MN, and we're still cooking all winter long. If you're looking for a suggestion as a "warm-up" cook, get a nice pork shoulder and get some pulled pork going. Pretty foolproof, and there's a couple good meals waiting in the results. Wipe it down with yellow mustard, or not, and some black pepper, salt, paprika and garlic powder, throw a couple ounces of cherry and apple chunks and 3 or 4 charcoal briquettes or lump charcoal pieces in there, set her at 180 before you go to bed, turn it up to 250 in the morning. I find I'm looking for about 200-203 as an internal temp, and it's pretty close to 18 hours, but it's all about the temp....but you know that already!!!
    I believe in catch and release fishing. I don't want to EAT 'em all, I just want to GREET 'em all!

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