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    I got my NEW smoker this week, Got it set up in the Commisary.. under a Type I commercial Exhuast Fan.. I purchased the 1500CXLD and mounted it on a 30x24 Equipment stand without the wheels, it stands completes with stand.. about 66" tall...
    I have been a Old school stick BBQ guy for 30 years.. and my latest is a HUGE off set , built by Cadillac Cookers.... that I have been using for the last 8 years... I BBQ well over 200lbs a week... and sell on my Bubba-Que Food Truck...
    Cant wait to explore new concepts with my NOW Indoor Smoker.. so I can set it and forget it while it cooks while I am sleeping.. How nice...
    Im hoping it is everything everyone has said it AND a box of Chocolates... if you know what I mean...

    Thanks Smokin-Tex for building such a great product,..

    Guero Loco's Bubba-Que

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    Welcome! Nice to have you here! I think you'll find ST products to be top notch, with predictable, repeatable results. That whole "cook while you sleep" is a great concept!
    I believe in catch and release fishing. I don't want to EAT 'em all, I just want to GREET 'em all!

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