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Thread: The Smoker That Can't Be BEAT!!!

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    Back in 2003 I purchased Smokin Tex model #1400 from a co-worker who had won it off the Snap-On tool truck as a raffle item. I began smoking pork,sausage,ribs etc. Everything turned out great. After a few weeks of smoking, I called the Smokin Tex company and chatted with the most down-home, neighborly people you could ever imagine. After our conversation I ordered all the accessories...the cart with wheels and shelves, the rib hooks, 5 flavors of wood, the jerky dryer, digital thermometer and the cold-plate smoker for veggies and cheese. The mushrooms I smoked were awesome!! Unfortunately in 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit and devastated the Gulf Coast. We had 10 feet of the saltiest and nastiest water imaginable surge through our home making like a blender and then draining out so quickly most of the contents in our home were washed out with it. However my Smoker remained in the garage rubble. After repeatedly rinsing with fresh water and allowing 2 weeks of drying-time and then finally electricity....I plugged the Smoker in and to my amazement, she worked!!! Since then I have become a semi pro-smoker and have mastered smoking Boston butt pulled pork! I smoke 20-60lbs a week now and due to expanding requests I plan on venturing into a small catering business on the side. Even though everything was lost, the SMOKIN TEX smoker stood strong! Hurricane or not this smoker is proven TRUE, that's why it's the BEST!!! THANKS SMOKERS!!! Allen Peregoy Biloxi Ms 3/19/2009

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    Allen there build tough for sure. Mine is over 4 years old. Been used hard and put up wet. I have had to replace the elements 2 times and one set of lights. That is it. Wish I had a way to keep up with how many hours this thing has on it. Shoot its had times that its ran for 5 days straight just keep pulling one kind of eat off and throw on more.
    Glad your made it though all that.
    Proud owner of one of the first of 1500's sold when they were more like a test smoker
    Doctor told me years ago to quite smoking, So I quit cold turkey. But will never quit smoking with my Smokin Tex 1500

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    Thumbs up I agree!!


    Good to hear from a fellow Katrina surivor. I lived in Biloxi in from 2002-2008. Although I suffered little personal loss, I know what you mean. I lived on high ground and was very lucky.

    Now to my 1400. I owned it since 2001 when I purchased it in California. It moved with us to Biloxi in 2002 and now at home in a little place called Kosciusko, MS. Through it all, it has been rock-solid and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.


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