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Thread: Getting 2 racks of ribs done at the same time?

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    Yes, these are 3 full racks of St Louis ribs. To answer Bigwalleye's questions - When the skewers are removed there is a slight curvature to racks, but not objectionable. I have done this with full racks of babyback ribs, too. Works the same. Re cooking time I'd recommend treating babybacks and St Louis ribs the same. St Louis ribs have more meat (which is why I prefer them over babybacks), but not so much that it requires more time to cook. I tend to shorten the total cooking time - only because I freeze half racks and don't want them dried out when reheated. I use a modified 3-2-1 method. 3 hr at 225, then remove and uncoil ribs and cut in half (so I can get them to fit back into the smoker) and package each half in double heavy duty foil. Then 225 for 2 hr - Just stack these 6 packages on 1 grate in the smoker. Per 3-2-1 you are supposed to open the packages and remove the meat and return to the smoker for another hour. I think they are just fine after 3-2! Meat is nice and tender. Let me know if anyone gives this a try.

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    Thanks for the detailed explanation, Kate!! These look great! Never been big on St Louis style, don't know why, but it may be time to rethink that!!!
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    Default Re: Getting 2 rack of ribs done at the same time

    Quote Originally Posted by TexanTrail View Post
    When I smoke ribs, I usually do two racks. Started with spare ribs, now going with St Louis style. Both have to be layed corner to corner on the rack to fit, on two different racks. It takes any where from 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours for the top rack to get done after the bottom. Any tips on getting them done about the same time? Sizes are usually within 2-3 oz of each other. Any more than that, the larger definitely goes on the bottom.
    I am able to get 4 full racks in the Model 1400 using the SmokinTex Rib Hook Set. They are all ready at the same time. The smoker is hotter at the bottom so I hang the racks with the thick end down.

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