Having dinner party tonight and smoked a brisket. It was a 12 pounder and based on my past briskets it shouldíve taken around 15 hours. I put it in at 10 last night assuming itíd be done around 1 or 2 today. Then wrap towel and cooler for dinner. Well..... I woke up at 5 this morning and it was already at 196!! Only in 7 hours. I pulled it. Probed around with thermometer and it was 193-202 everywhere. Feels good and tender. Tasted a bite and itís fine. Just donít understand the extremely short cooking time. Did it at 225 like always. Only thing new was I tried a Costco PRIME brisket. Maybe being better marbled it cooked faster?? Anyway it now 6 AM and weíre eat at 7 tonight. What are your thoughts on what to do with it until then? Right now itís in the cooler wrapped. Donít think I should leave it there for 12 hours but not sure. Should I refrigerate it and reheat it somehow? If so, what do you recommend? Reheat in smokintex wrapped? In oven? Or can I somehow not refrigerate it for that long? Any help appreciated.